Our car leasing procedure is very straightforward in terms of how the procedure goes. Browse through our line of vehicles and narrow down a list of cars you are interested in. Determine which ones fit into your budget, then schedule an appointment to test drive the vehicle. If you like the vehicle you have driven, then you are welcome to fill out your auto leasing application form on our website or contact us for assistance in filling it out. After being approved, we complete the paperwork with you, and then have the vehicle delivered to you for a predetermined period of time. At the completion date, you will return the vehicle to us for an evaluation and to receive the final statement.

When an individual makes the choice to lease a car, it is similar to renting a vehicle from a local rental firm. The big difference is that leasing a car is for a much longer time period. A rental typically lasts for a few days or a week, but leases last for years. Also, it is normal to think a loan payment is much like a lease payment. Both are monthly fees for your vehicle. The client pays for the loan and interest rate, while if you have a leased vehicle, then you only cover the depreciation value of the vehicle.

Car Leasing Rates

We estimate the average amount of your auto leasing rate by taking the depreciation value and dividing by the time you will have your vehicle. Vehicles that lose value at a higher rate have higher monthly fees. Vehicles that maintain their secondhand value will have a much lower leasing rate. Also, do not forget to include the price of any extras you choose to add to your package, such as the optional trim packages. This grand total of your auto lease will be divided evenly over the months within your auto lease. If you would like to obtain additional details regarding our auto leases, feel free to inquire about it with one of our sales representatives. They will be more than happy to discuss our latest packages and have your car tailored to your liking. At Auto Lease New York City, we work hard to help our customers find a vehicle they enjoy and that meets their requirements. For additional info, call today!

Auto Leasing Terms

Our auto leasing agents understand that in order to have satisfied customers, then we need to deliver high quality service and give our clients the attention they need. For example, if any issues arise, then our agents work with our clients and not against or around them. We have made a vow to always go above and beyond the needs of our clients. Our auto leasing company is committed to complete honesty when reviewing our auto leasing regulations before even permitting our clientele to sign the documents.

Our auto leasing contracts are customized to fit the needs of our customers. It is crucial to lease a vehicle with an auto leasing service that is ready to make adjustments and provides cost-conscious automotive leasing rates. To get more information on how to start the car leasing procedure that will put you in the driver’s seat of your favorite vehicle today, then speak with a representative at Auto Lease New York City. Give us a call at (347)-732-2201.